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MasterList Professional


Control your tasks and projects in one place. Boost Productivity. Get things done.


MasterList Professional gives you a powerful tool for making the most of your time, managing your professional and personal projects and improving your personal productivity.

MasterList Professional allows you to track your tasks and projects for work, home, and even ideas that you have and keep them integrated thus bringing a BETTER work life balance. 

With MasterList Professional, you start your day from the Home Tab (screen shot below), where you can see the health and activity of all your projects at a glance, your current tasks and key statistics on where your time and effort is going.

A host of features - Automatic Task Appointments, Keywords, a System Tray quick-access menu, the Prioritizer tool, integration with Microsoft Outlook Appointments and Tasks - assist you in getting things done and using your time well.

Unlike "to-do" list applications, MasterList Professional improves the quality of what you get done; unlike project management software, MLP is fast and easy to use.



What our customers are saying...

May 22, 2007

Since it's introduction in 2006, MasterList Professional has helped thousands of people gain better control over their personal and professional lives. Here's a few of their comments (posted with permission):


In running a small business with multiple complex, time sensitive projects, you can either lose your way quickly or get buried in complex project management software. MasterList Pro provides the speed of data entry, the right balance of capability and ease of use, the flexibility of structure and reporting, and the stability to keep my projects on track and on time. MasterList Pro is easy to master -- I had it up loaded up with my overflowing plate of duties in under an hour. Thanks for keeping me out of the quicksand!

Barry Collin, The Collin Group, Inc.

This is an outstanding program! It has forced me to become more organized and more efficient. It is also great for providing status reports of ongoing projects to my associates. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in need of project or task tracking!

Sheryl Jackson, MS Operating System Project Manager, Dell Computer. http://www.dell.com

I work hard at achieving an even work/family/life balance - this application allows me to record all I need to do and simply allocate, prioritise and assign tasks to keep everything achievable and manageable. It is excellently supported and has many options to assist in achieving efficiencies in all that I do. I recommend it to all.

 Matt DeNatris, IT Manager, Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia


MasterList Top 3

The following items are products that have been ACTIVELY used by the staff and management of masterlistpro.com. These are not just cheap affiliate links :) but represent real world experience on things that we use.

We have put screen shots and links to the software below along side affiliate links. The affiliate links help us generate additional revenue to support and develop MasterList Professional and don't cost you a thing if you decide to buy one of the products below. This is a truly win / win / win situation! Thanks for helping!

Quoting http://www.caelo.com:

NEO Pro 4.0 

The best email organizer around!

This program works with Microsoft Outlook and provides a way to manage your inbox that is light years beyond even Outlook 2007. 

Awesome organizing power - now even better! A seamless view to all your messages - automatically organized for easy access.

  • Implement time-management compliant workflow principles: See our knowledge base T1165
  • Automatically organized email - by correspondent, date, attachment and status
  • See ALL your messages organized together no matter what message store (data file) they are in
  • NEO rules: move low priority emails into Bulk Mail folders
  • Supporting IMAP message stores
  • Categories view, Filter toolbar, Search for Conversation, undockable tabs and more ...
  • Compatible with Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000, 98 and operates on Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME or Windows 98 - with or without Exchange Server (all versions)




Quoting visualcron.com:

VisualCron is an automation tool and task scheduler for Windows.

Advanced file/script execution, file transfer (FTP/FTPS/SFTP/SSH), email, archiving (ZIP/TAR/GZIP), encryption (PGP), system control (Hibernate,Standby,Restart,Logoff), SQL execution and monitoring are standard functions of VisualCron. Above all, the interface of VisualCron is very easy to use.


SHARM (Self-Hypnosis And Relaxation Machine) is the software tool that enables both professional therapists and advanced users to quickly and easily create their own customized therapy and self-improvement sessions.

SHARM offers over 100 predefined sessions. Open one of the session files, set the length of the session, and press "Play". After listening to some of the included sessions, you can explore SHARM's endless customization possibilities.







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