Ownership Transfer

Dear Registered MasterList Professional user,

MasterList Professional is now owned, supported and sold by SixTree Investments, Inc.

As you know, it’s been nearly two years since I’ve enhanced MLP: far too long. Despite this, MLP continues to sell and I get on a weekly basis emails from customers who say they are more productive, happier and love MLP: when's the next update?

I’ve had several companies approached me  interested in purchasing MLP, and I’ve declined those offers for various reasons. When Shohn Trojacek of SixTree approached me, I was impressed with his technical skills, keen desire to take MasterList Professional to new heights and his ideas for the application.

Since my development efforts are now focused on StartupToDo.com, and I felt MLP customers needed a company that would support, enhance and improve the application, I agreed to sell it to SixTree for an undisclosed sum.

There will be a follow up announcement from SixTree Investments, Inc. once the hand-over is complete.
I’d like to thank the literally hundreds of people who’ve emailed me over the years praising MLP, offering suggestions and pointing out issues. Writing software can be lonely work and your feedback and praise has meant a lot to me. Thanks again: I think MasterList Professional’s best days are ahead of it!
Bob Walsh
Managing Partner,
Safari Software, Inc.

P.S. Your copy of MasterList Professional should detect a new update as of today . Please visit http://masterlistpro.com or contact  s u p p o r t  at  m a s t e r l i s t p r o   dot  com  if you have any questions or suggestions.

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